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Immigrating to the United States? Our immigration firm and U.S. visa attorney can help you with your visa and immigration process. Immigration attorney, Evita Tolu, helps clients in getting family visas, K-1, K-2 and K-3 visas, employment based visas such as H-1B, H-2B and H-3 visas, O and P visas, E and R visas, L and TN visas.

K-1 and K-3 visa for fiancé and spouse of a U.S. citizen

You need our immigration and visa services if you plan to marry a foreigner and bring her/him to the United States as a fiancé or a spouse. Although K visa is a nonimmigrant visa – lasting only 90 days, after you get married, our immigration attorney will apply for your spouse’s green card. If you are already married and want to bring your spouse to the United States, our immigration lawyer will petition for a K-3 visa for your spouse. Our immigration visa lawyers may file a fiancé visa petition for your spouse to speed up the visa process and admission into the United States. If you are a U.S. citizen petitioner with prior abuse, drug or alcohol convictions, contact our visa lawyer to advise you on the International Marriage Broker Regulations Act or IMBRA and how it affects your fiancé visa petition.

Immigration visa and green card for relatives of a U.S. citizen

Our immigration and visa attorney helps you and your family with visa and green card applications, adjustment of status, change of status and visa consular processing. We advise clients on complex visa and adjustment of status situations. Call us for immigration advice if you are a United States citizen petitioner, who was convicted of a crime against minor and you want to petition for a foreign spouse or child. You need our visa attorney to help you to overcome your visa denial under Adam Walsh Act. If you are an alien, abused by a U.S. citizen spouse or parent, contact us for special waiver under Violence Against Women Act or VAWA to see if you qualify for a green card. Our family visa lawyer will also help you with bringing your sisters, brothers, married sons and daughters to the United States.

Non-immigration work visa for U.S. employers

H-1B and H-2B work visa service

Our immigration visa services include help in obtaining temporary employment or work visas. If you are a professional in specialty occupation with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and have a job offer from a United States employer, our H-1B lawyer will get you an H-1B work visa. If you are a United States business owner in need of temporary workers for temporary jobs for which there is a shortage in the United States, call our business visa lawyer to get H-2B work visas for your workers. We also assist with H-3 and H-4 visas.

E-1 treaty trader and E-2 treaty investor visa service

If you are a foreign national from a treaty trader country, you work for a business qualifying for E-1 visa, and are a fifty percent owner or a key employee of the business, and your business trades with the United States, our E-1 visa lawyer will get you your E-1 treaty trader visa. If you are a foreign national from a country with which the United States has a an investor treaty and you are coming to the United States to work for the company you own or is owned by the nationals of your country and you are either the owner or an employee of the United States business, our E-2 visa lawyer will assist you with your E-2 treaty investment visa. Our E-2 lawyer will determine your eligibility for E-2 visa, assess your business for investment visa eligibility and will prepare you for your E-2 visa interview.

L-1 manager or executive visa service

If you are petitioning for managers, executives, or especially knowledgeable employees who work outside the United States for a company that has an affiliated entity inside the United States to come to work for the entity in the United States – you need our L-1 visa lawyer to assist you with L visa process. Our experienced immigration and visa attorney will determine whether you and your employer qualify for L-1 visa. L-1 visa allows you to apply for green card through employment.

O, P and R visa service

A few types of short-term work visas are available to foreigners involved in specialized work. If you are an outstanding worker in the sciences, arts, education, business, entertainment, and athletics our experienced immigration and visa lawyer will assist you with O and P visa process. If you are a religious worker religious visa R is the best choice for you.

NAFTA TN visa service

For Canadian and Mexican citizens in certain professional occupations with job offers in the United States TN visa is the best alternative to H-1B visa. Contact our experienced TN visa lawyer to determine if you qualify under North American Free Trade Agreement for a TN work visa.

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