Deportation & Litigation

St. Louis immigration and deportation defense attorney, Evita Tolu, routinely represents immigrants during deportation and removal proceedings in the Immigration Court.  We will analyze your case to determine whether you are eligible for any relief from removal and deportation.  The Immigration and Nationality Act provides some relief from removal and deportation.  Such relief includes: cancellation of removal, waivers, suspension of deportation, naturalization, adjustment of status, and voluntary departure.  If our immigrant client is in deportation proceedings as a result of a criminal violation, we will analyze the case to determine whether our client is eligible to seek post conviction relief by filing a state habeas action or motion to vacate.  We also represent clients before the Board of Immigration Appeals, federal district courts and Courts of Appeals for the Ninth and Eight Circuits.

If the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service has been delaying adjudication of your application for adjustment of status or green card, or if you have been waiting for the adjudication of your application for naturalization for a long time because of pending background and name checks, contact our office today to determine whether we can expedite processing of your case by filing a complaint in a federal district court seeking relief under Mandamus Act, Declaratory Judgment Act and Administrative Procedure Act.