2 thoughts on “Petition for Alien Spouse and Adam Walsh Act

  1. Hello,

    My girlfriend (24F, Colombian) and I are wanting to get married. I’ve been reading about AWA and the hurdles it will provide to our marriage. I’ve read pretty extensively about what I will need to prove to USCIS in order to be granted the AWA waiver. My questions for you are:

    How many AWA cases has your firm taken on? Won? Won on appeal?
    What are your office’s legal fees?
    What are the other fees I would be looking at?
    What is your plan of attack for filing the waiver?
    What resources will you use to strengthen our case for approval?



    1. It is very hard to obtain AWA waiver to bring a foreign fiance or spouse to the United States. I strongly recommend hiring an experienced waiver attorney as well as PhD to demonstrate that there full rehabilitation after AWA related conviction.

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